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    • Vision Mission & Purpose

      Mission Statement

      The mission of the Church of Philippi (COP)is to be a bridge uniting,
      • God and believers by providing meaningful worship experiences.
      • God and non-believers by witnessing Jesus Christ.
      • Us and the society in which they live by letting them live as light and salt.
      • Us and the rest of the world by sending missionaries.

      Vision Statement

      • To complete the missions specified in the Mission Statement, COP pursues the following specific tasks
      • Providing a worship experience filled with truth and Spirit.
      • Equipping members so that they may do the ministries, not the pastors.
      • Recruiting, training, and establishing Christian leaders as pastors and teachers.
      • Meeting the needs of the surrounding society by providing available resources.
      • Mobilizing, training, and sending members for the cause of missions.

      In order to complete the tasks, COP should

      • Strive for an appropriate balance of the Word, praise, prayer, and fellowship in worship programs.
      • Promote and provide evangelistic opportunities and programs, with a particular emphasis on training lay pastors as the
      primary evangelists and disciplers.
      • Actively seek reconciliation between different ethnic groups in the surrounding society. It should provide counseling, help the needy,
      and provide resources whenever such needs arise.
      • Recruit, train and send missionaries.

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